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    The Tiny Trekkers Travel Agency was dreamed up by an adventurer who was tired of hearing regrets from other folk. "I wish I could go with you!" people would say, but the timing isn't right, or they are busy at work or they have responsibilities at home.
    If this sounds like you - Tiny Trekkers Travel Agency can help!
    We make a tiny, under 1 inch high figurine of you - using a picture you send us as a reference. Then we take that tiny 'you' on holiday with us. Then we have grand adventures that will be documented on Facebook and Instagram for you to follow. 'You' will feature in photos, meet new people and experience new places, all without lifting a finger! We take pride in the care and comfort of our Trekkers so no need to worry about your tiny self.
    When the adventure is through, your tiny self will be sent back to you safely tucked into a glass dome. You will also receive a certificate of completion, a souvenir of your journey and other optional extras.
    So what are you waiting for? Adventure beckons! Secure your space here.
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    A list of local shops, groups and companies you may not have heard of yet.

    HK is a complex place and you may not have heard of all of these shops and spaces - please email if we have missed any of your favourite local shops/services! Consider ditching Amazon and supporting your local communities this Holiday Season (and year round for that matter) ! I have included...
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